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Customer Testimonials


Matt and his team have been great to work with. So glad we made the switch from Tru green to a local company. Their customer service is top notch, their pricing was better and their technicians are polite and knowledgeable.  Highly recommend!!
- Michelle Manella

Such a wonderful team of staff members! They truly seem like a family, and they’re amazing with their customers! I haven’t had a single issue with their services and I’m delighted to continue working with them. Matt is so kind, and truly listens to his customers to help with their needs. I’m shocked they have any negative reviews!
- Krista Currie

Good service,  friendly and easy to deal with staff. I've been very satisfied with my lawn and would recommend them.
- Michael Gavin

Had them for a year. The technician is polite and the lawn is starting to look better than my neighbors!
- Stephen Seery

This will be my second year with Weed Man. My lawn did have weeds over the summer but after bringing this to their attention they sent someone back out to handle it. Overall I'm happy I switched from my previous provider despite paying a few dollars more with Weed Man. They're local and I'd rather support a local business even if it costs me a little more.
- M.B

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